28 February 2013

Deception's First Proof

I haven't posted on here in some time. Sorry for that. Today I have a special treat for you, a photo of the very first proof copy of Deception. I own the only copy, as I never did publish the book with this cover. I actually consider this cover an early mistake. 

The lighting isn't the best and I apologize for that. I've been telling myself for years now that I should share this cover, since it is the first time Deception appeared in print and it's the only copy in existence. 

The rose was from a bush that bloomed in my front yard every year in Maryland. I was stunned the first time it bloomed. I didn't even know the rose bush was there and then one day, BOOM! Roses spilled over the fence in a plethora of pink. It was one of the best surprises of moving to a new home. I have since had to leave it behind but I have a ton of pics to remember it. I have to admit, though, that this cover is the best reminder. 


I can't promise I'll be more faithful in my posting to this blog. I have way too many things going on right now and my individual book blogs are the logical ones to put on the back burner. Some will get posts here and there, as I have book specific news, but otherwise things will remain rather sporadic here. Thank you for understanding. 

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