10 December 2010

~Regency Fashion~ July 1818

This is a crossover post from my author blog. It was the first post I did on fashion from the specific year in which Deception takes place.

Today's post is the fashion of the time, specifically the summer fashions.

Pictured here are two fashion plates from the July issue of La Belle Assemblée.

Descriptions as taken from La Belle Assemblée:

"Summer Recess Ball Dress. Frock of white crape, Venetian gauze, or fine net, richly embellished at the border with small double Indian roses of a beautiful pink colour, and mingled with leaves of crape and pearls: the body finished in the Oriental style, with short sleeves, which approach nearer to the elbow than formerly, and which are finished by a trimming of broad blond. The head-dress consists of a double wreath of Indian roses, interspersed with the braids of hair that are wound round the summit of the head. White satin shoes and white kid gloves."

"Parisian Bonnets. Fig.1 represents transparent bonnets of crape or net, crowned with bouquets of flowers, and trimmed at the edges with broad blond and a cordon or flowers. Fig.2 represents bonnets of satin or gros de Naples, both white and coloured, crowned with a profusion of lilacs or small double poppies."

*La Belle Assemblée, 1818 (Google book)
**Disclaimer: I wrote Deception in 2003. Since writing it, I have learned more about the specific time in which it takes place. While the biggest of these flaws I have tried to correct, I may have missed some of the smaller ones. 


  1. Thanks Jaimey for posting the description for this lovely piece of 1818 attire in addition to the illustration from La Belle Assemblée. It makes a nice touch for your readers to be able to see actual fashions from the year that your Regency Romance novel Deception takes place.

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous! I do love the fashion in those days. Thanks for posting. :)

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  3. Thank you, Teresa and Elizabeth, for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :o)



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